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Hi, I'm Atharva!

I am currently a data scientist at Nike. Before this, I completed my M.S. in Data Science from USC in 2021. Prior to that, I worked at Black Mountain Systems for two years as an Implementation Specialist. In 2017, I completed my B.S. in Applied Mathematics from the University of California, San Diego. You can read more about my resume and academics Education section below.

While at USC, I have worked on multiple projects ranging over a variety of domains. Starting in August 2019, I worked on analyzing NBA statistics, building a self-driving RC car, an analysis on the socioeconomic or demographic relationships to solar power, and others. You can find out more about all of these here: Personal Projects (new page).

Outside of academics and work, I like to make and mix music, create cool programs that can be useful, and landscape and night photography. Below, I've highlighted these projects and ventures in more detail. In addition to these, I play basketball, ping pong, flag football, and volleyball. I thoroughly enjoy watching professional basketball and soccer. In my downtime, I like to watch movies, discover new music, hang out with friends, and read books.

After graduating from UC San Diego in 2017, I started working at Black Mountain Systems (BMS, now Allvue) as an Implementation Specialist. BMS provided an amazing work environment where I was able to ask questions as well as contribute to the team immediately. Initially, I focused on data management and retrieval using T-SQL to serve up data sources for panels, dashboards, and reports. Six months in, I was put as the primary technical resource on one of our highest priority clients. I worked closely with the project lead, sponsor, and client to move the project forward. By the one year mark, my responsibilities encompassed high priority development work and I also took over as primary project manager for a smaller client. By early 2019, I was the primary project manager for four clients, including the initial client I mentioned and two other high volume clients. While at Black Mountain, I contributed to numerous projects and across a variety of modules. Outside of just my usual responsibilities, I put organized the basketball sessions and ping pong tournaments for the San Diego office. To find out more about my contributions as an Implementation Speicalist and project manager, take a look at the Work Experience section in the Portfolio section.

To learn even more about who I am, check out a few links above and the few projects below! (Check the bottom of the page to see all my profiles.)

Music: thvz

Electronic music and DJ mixes


Sadly, because Verizon bought Yahoo! (and Flickr with that) and removed the free terabyte of space Flickr offered, this account is not going to be updated. I have left these up to let viewers take a look at the work, and will look for an alternative solution.

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